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A huge range of Bromeliads are just in and we can't stop looking at all the incredible colours and patterns they show off. They are all named varieties and it's likely you will find some you've never seen. Selling fast

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String of Pearls

String of Pearls

Back in stock this week, 'String of Pearls' (Senecio rowleyanus). Looking super cute and a little bit chubby :)

Radermachera 'Summerscent'

Radermachera 'Summerscent'

Radermachera 'Summerscent' is our new favourite hedging plant. They grow to around 3m in height and 2.5m in width. The lush, deep green foliage grows in a dense manner and the flowers pop in large bunches. Flowers are a pale pinkish - white tone with golden yellow throat that are well scented.

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