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Bulb packs REDUCED!

Bulb packs REDUCED!

Come on down and grab a bargain on in season Bulb packs now.
Loads of different species to try, all suited to growing in South East Queensland.

Roses for all!

Roses for all!

Are you a die-hard Rose fanatic? Or maybe you just want to give one a try? Pop on down to the nursery and ask our friendly staff for tips on the best potting mix to use or soil conditioners for prepping your garden beds. It's the best time of year to get these into your garden.
We've also got a SPECIAL going on our Rose Specialty Mix. Perfect timing!

Blooms in Abundance!

This has got to be one the best times to garden in the great south east.
Click the link to see more images of the rainbows you can create in your garden, pots, balconies, hangers... you get the jist.

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