The Bangkok Rose is Back!

Every year in the heat of Summer, these buxom beauties arrive and they never disappoint. This season, we have an additional 4 varieties in stock! If you've ever wanted one in your garden, now while the weather is warm, is the best time for planting. They need to be somewhat established before the cooler months of Autumn arrive. Give them a good prune after bracts and flowers have finished and feed with a good quality slow release fertiliser such as Organic Xtra, during the Spring and into Summer.

This year we have the old Stalwarts >>>

Calcutta Sunset 1.5m H (yellow/orange bracts)
Dona Aurora 1.5m H (creamy white bracts)
Queen Sirikit 1.8m H (pale peachy pink with dark margined bracts)
Dona Luz 2.5m H (rich peachy pink bracts)


and these >>>

Capricorn Georgia 2m H (peachy pink bracts)
Capricorn Dream 2m H (bright red bracts)
Capricorn Ice 2m H (crisp white bracts)
Paraluma 2m H (deep peachy pink bracts)