New Arrivals this week

Wrightia 'Arctic Snow' (pictured above).
This is a wonderful addition to any Sub-Tropical garden.
Can tolerate the Full day Sun and our hot humid Summers.
Grows to 1.5m in height and flowers for most of the year,
creating a stunning display of crisp white blooms against glossy green foliage.


Deutzia gracilis (above)
An Old Fashioned shrub not often seen in retail garden centres.
Related to Hydrangeas, this beautiful specimen becomes covered in a carpet of snow-white flowers in late Spring and early Summer. The foliage will transform from soft green into a lovely burgundy shade as the weather cools. Grows in a thick bushy form to just under a metre in height... give it a light prune at the end Summer.

Chinese Wisteria (above)
Back in stock and looking handsome.

Looking for a stunning display of mauve blooms? Limited with space? This could be the beauty for you. Chinese Wisteria can be grown here in South East Queensland, but not much further north and doesn't mind living in large pot in a Sunny position. Perfect for a front porch, or train the plant up and over an arbour to give the low hanging blooms somewhere to show off.